Announcing Octarine

Announcing Octarine — Electronic Component / Data Sheet Manager

Having acquired a sizable collection of parts by now, I often find myself wasting time browsing for data sheets over and over again, instead of having them ready when I need them. I decided to remedy the situation by writing an app, Octarine, to manage my components. Building on the REST API offered by octopart.com, I tried to minimize the amount of information stored locally, and fetch everything else on the fly.

Octarine 1.5 is now available on github, running on OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) or later.

As usual with my hobby projects, this was an opportunity to try a few technologies I don't use much in my day job:

  • Swift.
  • NSURLRequest
  • PDFKit
  • NSSharingService
Component search in the Octopart database (right). Saved components (left)
Data sheet viewer


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